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I’m Daniel J. Logan and for the last 12 years I’ve been working as a Producer/Engineer and Session Percussionist/Drummer. I’ve had the good fortune to work in the studio andon the road with some amazing musicians like Thea Gilmore, Emily Maguire, Rod Clements of Lindesfarne, Jackie Trent, and new singer/songwriters such as Ashley Fayth, Alx Green, and Jon Coley.

I have 3 main set-ups: The Percussion kit, a Standard Drum Kit and the Hybrid Kit. Well, actually I have had

as many different set-ups as I have had sessions, as I’ll adapt what instruments I play as each artist or song requires.

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The Percussion Kit:

This grew out of my live work with the acclimated singer/songwriter Thea Gilmore and is essentially a collection of percussion instruments (djembe, bongo cajon, bass drum, knee pad, cymbals etc.) that I play like a standard drum kit. I can play it with with either my hands or with the Sonix brushes that I endorse through Percussion Plus. The Percussion kit is great in the studio as well as live for soft, delicate and non-intrusive rhythms that compliment vocals and light arrangements. Two good albums showcasing this are “Take Back the Fire” by Ashey Fayth and “Raincloud Man” by Jon Coley.

The Percussion Kit has been extremely successful for me, I think in part as it’s very organic sounding and, when needed, I can play quite complicated patterns that don’t disrupt what else is happening in a mix yet still provide a backbone beat to a track.

The Percussion Kit at Parr Street Studios, Liverpool

The Standard / Hybrid Kit:

Lately, as well as Percussion Kit sessions, I have been asked to play the full Standard or Hybrid Kit (Percussion and Standard Drum kit put together)

This consists of kick, snare, toms & cymbals as in a usual drum kit that can be amalgamated with the percussion kit to form a much larger set-up (although it doesn’t actually take up much more space, it offers more sonic and dynamic possibilities). Alx Green’s “Something Better” EP is a good showcase of what that sounds like as well as a new release by an artist called Chris Howarth (although it’s still in the last stages of production at the time of writing) In particular, the Hybrid Kit allows me to play with the same intricacy and light touch as the Percussion Kit but with extra volume and more dynamic range when called upon, allowing me to fit in with a broader range of music.

Other instruments:

I can also overdub single instruments from my wide range of percussion instruments such as bongos, congas, djembe, shakers, cymbals, cabasas and other hand percussion. (The album “Murphy’s Heart” by Thea Gilmore is a good example) This can accompany a full drum kit to provide an interesting extra textured layer for certain songs.

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Be it on the percussion or standard drum kit, my style is very percussive, textural and has a wide dynamic range.  I play to the vocal a lot and often add subtle nods to the lyric by using cymbals, different parts of the kit or by adding sympathetic fills around the words in question. My rhythms, at times intricate and shifting, or straight and full, are best suited to acoustic, singer/songrwiter, folk, and generally lighter music however I have also played blues as well as soft and classic rock. Although I’d never describe myself as a metal drummer…!

I do not own a double kick pedal…



Please take a good look around my website for information on previous clients and photos / videos etc. My full bio is here

As a full time musician and producer I am very used to being in & around studios and live venues and I understand the pressures and expectations on both sides of the glass. I’m fortunate in that I can use both sets of experiences to my advantage when booked to play live or for a studio recording session.

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Daniel J. Logan

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For live or studio bookings please get in touch here

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