1. Recording/Mixing Tuition

2. Drum/Guitar Tuition

1. Online One-2-One Mixing Tuition

 I’m now offering one-to-one mixing and recording lessons, either in-person at Fox Barn Studios, via Zoom or on location.

“My lessons with Dan have been exactly what I needed to move my workflow to another level. Dan’s enthusiasm for the subject is infectious and that coupled with his knowledge means the lessons are interesting & enjoyable and the information sticks.” – Rob C.

The course is intended for people who would like to improve their skills in mixing & recording with lessons designed to be interactive, informative and fun!

Different topics are split into 1 , 2 or 3 lessons each giving a chance for an in-depth look at the techniques, processes, history and practical uses of each subject. Importantly; with these being one-to-one lessons, students can work at their own pace.

Tutorials are initially based on underlying concepts rather than a specific plugin or piece of hardware, allowing students to gain a thorough understanding of a topic and learn whilst using their own set-up.

Students will receive a package of audio for each topic so they can look at, work on, and most importantly, listen to, the same thing as me at the same time.  It may also be possible to work with students’ own material as well.

Topics covered include:

  • Compression
  • Equalisation
  • Digital Audio
  • Reverb & Delay
  • Panning & Positioning
  • Pre-Amps & Gain Staging
  • Introduction to Mastering
  • Microphone Types & Their Uses

Students may also wish to ask to cover a specific topic and this is welcomed. Please ask in advance.

Lessons are 1 hour long and any course materials needed will be provided shortly before the lesson. £25 per lesson*.

I’m currently running a Special Offer of £125 for 6 lessons!

For details and to book your first lesson please email:

*Please note: On location lessons are either £30 or £35 depending on distance with the Special Offer being adapted accordingly

Daniel J. Logan is a producer and session musician with over 15 years experience whose work has been heard on projects around the world. He has also delivered many recording workshops and lectures. Dan is a member of the Aston Microphones ‘Aston 33’ Panel and endorses Impression Cymbals

Please note: Students require a DAW, speakers or headphones and a Zoom account to access and take part in online one-to-one lessons.



2. Drum Kit / Guitar Tuition

“Dan makes my lessons interesting and fun. Even over lockdown my lessons carried on over zoom.” – Poppy B.

Highly recommend Dan. After a bad teacher Poppy lost confidence and wasn’t sure if she wanted to carry on learning the drums. But after a few lessons with Dan she started enjoying playing and learning again
– Poppy’s Mum

From complete (never sat-behind-a-kit-before) beginners I give lessons that get you up to speed on the basic rhythms and beats as well as teaching about the importance of feel and musicality in drum playing.

Either at Fox Barn Studios , at your own location or via Zoom or Skype. Hour long sessions (as I think less than an hour isn’t worthwhile when you’re learning) from only £20

The lessons are informal (no stuffy scholars here), fun and teach the fundamental basics of drum technique and musicianship. Anyone from 12 years old upwards is welcome to get in touch and start making a racket…erm, learn an instrument, I mean

Guitar Tuition

In addition to drums, I also offer beginners guitar tuition. Starting with basic chords and rhythms and building to learning how to play by ear and writing basic lead lines. I focus my guitar lessons on the fun of playing rather than getting too bogged down in music theory and scales.

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