About Daniel J. Logan…

Tea and Desk

Daniel J. Logan is a freelance Producer, Drummer, Recording Engineer and Sound Designer.
After honing his skills at studios on London’s South Bank in 2005, he has been involved with everything from playing with the Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra to recording the sound of flushing toilets! Brass bands, choirs and mobile phone ringtones as well as the world’s largest collection of American Hand Bells, a 150 year old squeeze box and a tea set are all other things Dan has recorded during his career.

As a session musician playing his own unique percussion setup as well as a more traditional drum kit, Dan has worked with many artists including Thea Gilmore, Emily Maguire, Rod Clements (Lindesfarne), Nick Harper and Ashley Fayth on record and in concert. His session credits include performances on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4, Sky TV and a host of local BBC and commercial radio stations.

In 2008 Dan was asked to present 2 radio shows on a new commercial radio station, set up by Stoke-on-Trent broadcasting legend, Sam Plank (who once almost shot Dan with an 18th Century pistol!) During his time there, Dan worked as a presenter and producer as well as OB engineer and was often out of the studio on PR work for the station.

Parr Street Djembe

When he is not playing or recording music, Dan can usually be found in the nearest pub…!


Oh, and the fluffy gentleman seen here is Radley, Dan’s assistant engineer and drum-tech.

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