Sonix and SSL…


Well, it’s been a fun couple of days!

I went to Solid State Logic on Monday who make very nice mixing desks in Oxfordshire. I was invited to have a play on some of them and I had a tour of the factory. It’s an amazing place and to see the level of time and care they place into every single element of every product was mind-blowing. It’s one guys job to clean the desks by hand before they ship them. And that’s the last element in a hugely extensive process!

Whilst I was there I had a little go at mixing a Peter Gabriel track called Big Time. It was great to solo his vocal and hear his voice as originally recorded. Also, it happened to be bring a cake to work day at the factory so I got to eat cake too… 😉

On Tuesday I went to an altogether different factory when I went to the home of Percussion Plus. I endorse their brilliant Sonix drumsticks, brushes and mallets. I also had a play on their new line of Impression cymbals which I enjoyed very much and may have taken one home…

Their factory is equally awesome with different instruments in various states of manufacture. I also met the lady who hand-stitches all the mallets I use!

All in all, a good couple of days…!

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