Radders Arts & Music CIC

Radders Arts and Music provides education and performance programmes and opportunities for people across the community including:

  • Educational workshops of one day or less (or an ongoing programme) in music technology, recording/mixing, songwriting and arranging.
  • Songwriting days as a means of channeling thoughts, feelings and events into a creative, positive outcome.
  • Live music performers for care homes to keep the residents entertained and engaged.
  • More on the way so watch this space…


Director, Daniel J Logan, has worked in the professional music industry for over 18 years as a session musician, producer, recording & mix engineer, composer, and all sorts of other things including deliverer of workshops. That last bit is where RAM comes in…

” Over the years I’ve given many different workshops, talks and mentoring sessions to a vast array of people from diverse backgrounds. Students from schools, collages & universities in Cheshire and Staffordshire where we looked at subjects like recording acoustic instruments & vocals, through to young people from inner London who came for workshops on Rap music. I’ve had the pleasure of working with kids who, for various reasons, are struggling with the academic and behavioural side of school but who listened intently and gave amazing input into sessions, as well as talking very technical stuff with students studying for degrees, and mature private students who simply want to learn new skills.

In the summer of 2021 I built and then moved into Fox Barn Studios and I got thinking about how I could continue to offer something meaningful and helpful to the adults and young people who perhaps don’t have the opportunities that my professional clients have access to. Previously to this, educational establishments or other organisations had come to me (and the studios I used to work at) and asked me to make workshop days or tutoring sessions for them. After a discussion with a close friend who runs a sports-related CIC I decided that starting my own organisation would be the best way forward, and so Radders Arts and Music was formed.”

What’s the Name About?

Radders, or Radley to give him is actual name, was my beloved West Highland White Terrier who passed away in 2020 at the age of 16. He’d come into my life via Manchester Dogs’ Home 10 years previously and spent those years pretty much by my side all the time. As studio assistant engineer Radley worked on countless projects (mostly curled up on the sofa or underneath the mixing desk) and he would, whenever possible, join me at gigs as my fluffy drum-tech where he gained even more adoration from all who met him.

His temperament and the way he conducted himself around people meant that he was with me in the studio almost every day. If you were to look in the sleeve notes of many of the albums that sit behind the mixing desk you will see his name (often credited as assistant engineer) not because I’d asked for it to be there, but because the band or artist had chosen to include him. On occasion, he was even requested for by name when people made bookings.

If out on a walk or in a pub it would be mid-fuss when some polite stranger would confess that they were actually afraid of dogs – but not Radley – and on more than one occasion I was told by a new dog-owner that they’d chosen to get a pet of their own specifically because they’d met Radders and seen how he carried himself. I’ve sometimes wondered if he should have been taken into care homes to help people as he would have been perfect for that kind of thing.

I’ll never forget the time I’d just come off stage at a festival I was playing and a lady whom I’d never met came running over to me saying “Oh, I’m so glad to finally meet you; I’ve heard so much about you”. Before I’d had a chance to thank her she’d already knelt down at my feet to fuss the fella she was actually talking about!

So, with all that it was obvious that the new CIC, set up to help people and the community, should be named after my best mate. 🐾